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Sunday, April 1, 2007


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Monday, March 26, 2007

OFWs, Beware of these 5 countries

The Philippine Overseas Emplyment Administration (POEA) warned applicants to be cautious in applying overseas jobs in countries such as Norway, Canada, Northern Marianas, South Korea and China.

No demand for nurses in Norway
Aspiring and current overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), especially nurses, are warned by the POEA that there are no job offers for nurses in Norway. This was proven by the POEA when the Philippine Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden reported that there is no present demand for professional nurses, foreign or local, in Norway.

The Director Per Haugum of the Norwegian Registration Authority for Health Personnel, replied to the Philippine embassy’s request for verification, said he was not aware of any demand for nurses in Norway.

Thus, the POEA denied the request of the Professional Management AS, a company registered in Oslo, Norway, for accreditation with Reliable Recruitment Corporation to supply them with Filipino nurses.

The POEA Administrator Rosalinda Baldoz also advised OFWs in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and South Korea to go back to the country first before processing their application for caregiving jobs in Canada.

“Recruitment activities done outside our territorial jurisdiction are not covered by Philippine laws on recruitment so I advise applicants to be careful in dealing with these foreign placement agencies,” she said.

She added that the agency offering this service, the Canadian Career Caregiving Services, is not accredited with the POEA or any local recruiter.

Crackdown for overstaying foreign workers in Northern Mariana
The Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE) warned OFWs looking for a job in Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), a United States territory in the Western Pacific, without acquisition of proper documents.

The Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) in Saipan, reported that the Department of Labor of CNMI recently published a list of non-resident workers who are staying illegally in the territory and they are facing deportation.

There are 1,000 names of foreign workers included in the list, some of them has expired contracts while others are those who failed to find with the 45-day transfer period and yet continued to remain in the CNMI.

Before leaving, make sure you’re holding the proper visa
The POEA keep on advising Filipino workers to hold proper visa when planning to land a job abroad. Holding a visit visa when working abroad has never been legal although this is the fast and easy way to leave the country.

Many has been lured to work abroad using visit visa but ended nothing to pay debts they spend during the processing of their documents. This happened to a 23-year-old education graduate who paid an illegal recruiter P200,000 to facilitate his employment as an English teacher in Beijing, China.

The unnamed victim arrived in China holding a six-month business visa. He later found out that the job offer does not exist and there was really no job waiting for him. Luckily, he got a job in a secondary school in Inner Mongolia and he earned about US$600 a month. Unfortunately, the authorities raid the school for it does not hold a license to hire foreign teachers. He was jailed and fined because it turned out that his visa was fake. Through the negotiation of Philippine Embassy his jail term was reduced but he was deported back to the Philippines.

No more trainee visas for Korea
The Korean Government has stopped issuing the trainee visas and abolished its Alien Industrial Trainee System. Thus, OFWs who wants to secure job in Korea should apply through the Employment Permit System (EPS) under the POEA.

The POEA is the only authorized agency to implement the EPS in the Philippines. Korea is no longer accepting OFWs who applied through private agency, instead, only those OFWs who apply through the EPS.

The POEA Administrator, Rosalinda Baldoz, advised OFWs holding trainee visa to return home upon the expiration of their contract and re-apply though the EPS.

Thanks to :
Maria Theresa S. Samante
The Pinoy

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pinoy Business

Working overseas is temporary, majority of OFWs going home “for good” are usually entering business. However, based on a study by the non-government organization Balikbayani, 76% of businesses put up by OFWs fail.

Seventy-six percent of businesses put up by overseas Filipino workers fail
because the OFWs lack the skills, Foreign Affairs Assistant Secretary Luis Cruz
said Thursday at the Dr. Alfredo J. Ganapin Advocacy Forum at the University of
the Philippines. Read the whole report from Asian Journal.
I found wonderful blogs that will help you to escape on being included on 76%. These blogs shows step by step procedures on how to become successful pinoy entrepreneur. You can visit Entrepinoys and Pinoy Negosyo for more details.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Support the Philippine Basketball Team

OFWs , let’s support the RP basketball team in their bid to regain the reputation as one of the world's basketball powerhouse. The roster of the RP men’s basketball team is out to seek the country’s first ever Olympic berth in 34 years.

The team will be guided by Chot Reyes, comprising the guard spots are Talk N Text’s Jimmy Alapag and Renren Ritualo, the Ginebra duo of Mark Caguioa and Jayjay Helterbrand and Dondon Hontiveros of San Miguel. San Miguel forward Danny Seigle leads the wingmen, along with Ginebra’s Rudy Hatfield, Tony de la Cruz of Alaska, Air21’s Ranidel de Ocampo and Kerby Raymundo of Purefoods. Manning the center slot is Asi Taulava of Talk N Text and surprise pick Mick Pennisi of Red Bull.

The national team’s first tournament will be the SEABA qualifying tournament for the FIBA-Asia champion’s Cup to be held in Indonesia on April 9 to 14. Then it’s off to Bangkok for the SEABA cagefest from May 24-28, where the top two placers get automatic slots to the FIBA-Asia Olympic qualifier to the 2008 Beijing Olympics in Tokushima, Japan in July.

After SEABA, the Nationals will tour Europe also for training then fly to Qatar for a tough invitational tourney featuring some of the best in the region.

We the OFWs wishes these players all the best.

For regular updates about the Philippine team please visit this site.

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Agricultural workers needed in US

Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Chairman Carlito Puno today disclosed that the United States of America (USA) is in need of 5,000agricultural workers to tend their farms.

Puno said they have already tapped some of the licensed recruitment agencies to conduct the pooling and possible recruitment of agricultural workers who could be sent to the US.

Once hired, each of the workers will have a 10-month working contract which may be renewed upon its expiration, Secretary Puno said.

He added that fresh graduates in any of the agricultural courses are qualified to avail of the recruitment program. Earlier graduates and those with farm experiences are also qualified to avail of the opportunity to work abroad.

He said CHED has tasked each of about 50 universities and colleges nationwide to select 40 graduating agriculture students each for possible employment in the United States.

He said the hiring of agricultural workers by USA will help boost the employment program of President Gloria Macapagal - Arroyo.(PNA)

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Democracy is destroying the Philippines

Democracy is destroying the Phillipines. Our politicians are unknowingly or ignoring the likelihood that a part of a democratic process is disadvantageous to our country. Politicians are using the election being a legitimate democratic process to gain personal interests.

Imagine the possibility of the following:

  • Many Paquiao will win as a congressman against the incumbent Darlene Custodio-Antonino, a young and brave oppositionist who fought until the last seconds of “lutong Macao” impeachment trial of GMA. Imagine Many Paquiao interpolating a law he is sponsoring or depending GMA on another impeachment trial.
  • Kiko Pangilinan will secure his second term and will do a “noted” thing again to future impeachment of whomever president.
  • Commissioner Garcillano winning a congress seat, the “Hello Garci” composer will become a congressman? Oh my God!
  • Dato Arroyo will become a congressman? Perhaps another vote against another impeachment trial. 3 votes from the Arroyos alone, one for Iggy Arroyo, Dato and Mikey.
  • Baby Pineda, the alleged wife of a “jueteng Lord” will become a governor of Pampanga, still not a quite good replacement of “quarrying lord” incumbent governor Mark Lapid.
  • Lito Lapid will become Mayor of Makati, he will show his pistol tricks to big time businessmen.
  • Chavit Singson will win as senator along with the actor of his life’s movie Cesar
  • Jovito Palparan, accused human rights violator, will become a congressman.
  • A big possibility that the senate sessions will be transferred to Cultural Center of the Philippines because majority of the members are inclined in showbiz.

    Jinggoy Estrada – actror
    Lito Lapid – actor
    Bong Revilla – actor

    Nikki Coseteng – Erap’s leading lady
    Tito Sotto – comedian
    Kiko Pangilinan – husband of Sharon Cuneta
    Ralf Recto – husband of Vilma Santos
    Richard Gomez – actor
    Cesar Montano – actor
    Victor Wood – singer
    Noynoy Aquino – sister of actress Kris Aquino

    Imagine if these candidates win and will work together with the incumbent fellows in the entertainment industry? How about Noli de Castro as their president or FPJ if all goes well?

Did anybody try to pass a law that requires a senatorial candidate be nominated by an independent body in order to become a n official candidate? If not 12 at least 6 will be nominated representing different sectors like finance and economy, urban poor and farmers, OFWs, education, health and national security. In this system it is rest assured that important sectors are well represented. We need leaders whose style is like a corporate CEO, a religious pontiff, or one with iron hand. How about the COMELEC setting qualification criteria for candidates?

by : contributor

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Warning for Filipinos

Filipinos warned over net scams
By: MARIECAR JARA-PUYOD, Gulf Today: 3/17/2007

FILIPINOS in Dubai and the Northern Emirates have been warned and cautioned about Internet scams. Consul General Antonio Curameng issued the reminder during the monthly community meeting at the Philippine Consulate General on Friday.

He received a memorandum from the Department of Foreign Affairs-Office of the Personnel and Administrative Services assistant secretary Jocelyn Batoon-Garcia, about an internet scam from a supposed British organisation and using the e-mail address of the Philippine Embassy in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, as the sender.

"Please don't be gullible. Think very well before you respond," said Curameng as he reminded the community not to put themselves at risk.

He then related of circumstances of people being fooled and who were forced to spend thousands and even millions of dollars because they did not think twice before responding to emails too good to be true.

Garcia's memorandum stated: "The department received a report from the Phnom Penh Philippine Embassy regarding an e-mail scam that used the post's e-mail address as the sender. According to the report, the e-mail came from a certain Frank John of the Sealant Lottery Organisation, informing the recipient that he/she has won the Sealant Lottery International and indicates the e-mail address of the post as the name of the sender."

"The sender used the post's e-mail address without any authority and also requires personal information from the recipient in order to allegedly claim the purported prize," Garcia also wrote down.

"Please don't entertain such e-mails," she continued , as she reminded all missions to alert the public about the scam.

Lottery award
THE Garcia memorandum had an attached example of the internet scam supposed to have come from the Philippine Embassy in Phnom Penh with Mr. Frank John as the consultant.
The e-mail dated Jan.21, and posted at 7:09 a.m. stated that the recipient was a winner of the "annual final draws of the Sealant Lottery International" conducted in England on Jan.19.
Stating that the lottery programme was "promoted by our group of philanthropists headed by the British Lottery Board" and that the recipient who was supposed to be the winner was "from an exclusive list of 25,000 e-mail addresses of individual and corporate bodies," that certain Mr. Frank John then asked the recipient to keep from the public his winning until all of his cash prize of two million pounds have been remitted to him.

"Sealant Lottery International turned out to be bogus," Curameng told The Gulf Today, as he pointed out the indiscriminate use of a Philippine post e-mail address.

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